Concrete Substrate Quality Management | Q-R System

Concrete Substrate Quality

Otesza Consulting is an independent third-party inspector accruing 25 years of experience specializing in concrete slabs, architectural concrete flooring and architectural precast concrete with a depth of knowledge in commercial, executive residential, educational and industrial projects.

In today's modern construction industry,
accountability has become less of a standard and more of a rare commodity.

Otesza has developed the
Q-R system, a unique quality management solution when dealing with concrete tolerances and those solid surfaces with a specification that detail a high attention to concrete tolerance requirements.

Specific to concrete substrate quality, Otesza introduces a new level of
accountability within concrete placing and finishing scopes, providing a unique solution that combines floor flatness testing, digital concrete substrate modelling, use of traditional construction procedures digitally rendered and other testing, with data rendered in a meaningful way so that both clients and on-site construction teams can evaluate final deliverable concrete specification compliance for projects of all sizes.

Concrete substrate quality testing and modelling is the core foundation within the Otesza Q-R system, with services provided to clientele with
high internal standards for specification compliance.

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